The waylodelay is an 8 band modulated delay VST plugin. The demo video above shows 3 classic presets and a "waylo" preset. First is the dry sound then with effect. The 3 classic effects are "volume swell", "chorus" and "lead" .... It uses a similar algorithm to a big old Japanese stomp pedal which modulates delay times with a sine waves for a "chorus" effect. Included in the download are 2 versions. I believe they sound slightly different. In the new version the delay time is in seconds no matter what your sample rate. There is lots of gain you might want to dial it down a bit ... If you sniff around on the internet you can find the old geezer's preset settings. The delay times are the same but the other "levels" are a bit of mystery probably dissapeared into the bottom of a glass of Asahi. The newer version contains an emulation of presets created for the box by an english improvising guitar master fond of beer. 25 presets from the old box are included. I first got my hand on a box in japan in around 2002. Mine is old and falling apart. The nice thing about the VST version is I can use it with soft synths and unlike the original it has stereo input if desired. At this point I have built apple and OSX versions of the plugin in apple AU and VST and VST3 which are supported by most VST hosts. Work continues on a protools and RTAS version. I have included installers for OSX and windows as well as the plugins themselves. If the installers get you nowhere you could try dragging the plugins into your plugin folder(s) on your computer. A google search "where is my vst/au plugin folder would help you locate them". Some basic plugin folders and instructions are also included in the download. You are welcome to provide feedback or ask for help at seanwayland at gmail dot com. I suggested donation of $25 by paypal is expected especially if you use the thing in commercial projets of some sort.
The midi plugins above are ones I created to use myself over the years. Only OSX component and VST versions are included. There is a midi plugin which I created which uses the bottom half of the keyboard to transpose the top half of the keyboard. There is a plugin which "reverses" the keyboard in Joe Zawinul fashion. There is a chromatic scale version of the Sam Chillean idea created by Leon Greunbaum. There is a midi plugin that creates a "midi latch" or "keyboard hold" which some synthesizers have which allows you to hold chords without a sustain pedal. Any trouble installing them or for more detailed directions or a windows version please email sean wayland at gmail dot com.