November 2016 : New Jersey

This application I created  allows you to change the pitch of incoming audio using a midi keyboard. It works well with guitar or a second keyboard.


Here’s a video of it transposing a guitar. I tuned most of the strings of the guitar to the same note to give me more choices over the timbre.



In this video I am using it to transpose a Hammond organ sound coming from a nord electro.


The “Waylo” allows you to play the unplayable.




You can download this software here.


( works on  mac osx 10.6.8 or later )

I would still consider this a "beta" version and ironing out bugs ..

A $20 donation will give you support and updates for life.
Best way to make a donation is to buy an album or 2 from
I don't do "kickstarter" or "pledgemusic" to fund my music this sort of thing is the best way to keep supporting music.
I would appreciate any amount!!

This is “open source” software released under the GNU public license version 3.0


It was largely created with this fantastic python language module called pyo




Any installation problems please email me after reading the instructions below.


2) Click on the DMG to unzip and then click into the image file created and drag the whole folder into the applications folder.

This folder contains 2 applications. One is to setup up the synth and needs to be runned first. The other is the waylosynth application.


3) leave the 2 applications “waylosynth setup” and “waylosynth101” in the same folder

 but both those applications need to be in the same folder to work


4) connect a midi device and audio device to your computer ( preferable one midi device and one audio device ). Multiple devices may cause problems. If no midi device is connected the setup application won’t run. Close other applications that may be using your audio or midi devices ( like itunes, protools, facebook!! )


5) click the setup application first.

The setup application looks for audio and midi devices and a pop up window will tell you what it sees.

you could take a screen shot of that window and send me if you have problems.

Clicking on  mac “utilities” then “audio midi setup” and under the “window” tab “show audio devices” and “show midi devices” should tell you what OS X is seeing. The waylosetup should see the same devices.




6) The default ADSR settings will be remembered by the application but can still be overridden.


7) You should enter in the highest and lowest midi note of your keyboard.

This link will help.




Settings are saved in a file “settings.txt” which can be found in the “resources” folder of the application folder.

It might be wise to make a copy of it and save it somewhere else.


8) You could try lowering the buffer size to make it run with less latency ( multiples of 128 are recommended )

The default samplerate is 96000 but it should work at higher and lower sampling rates. The higher the samplerate the lower the latency in theory.

Be careful changing the sample rate and buffer sizes. Entering weird values might hurt your system or ears or both!



The graphic user interface was made with this.



The language it runs on is python 2.7



The python language comes standard with the latest version of OSX.


Any feel free to email me seanwayland@gmail.com with any issues.


Installing these dependent modules ( “wx python”  and “pyo” might help it to run )


Have fun!